Our Story

Singularly-focused fitness concepts will die. REDEMPTION is the sustainable, long-term business model of group fitness.

REDEMPTION Fitness is the ONLY PREMIUM EXPERIENTIAL BOUTIQUE FITNESS FRANCHISE in the world today offering three proven fitness modalities all at one location. The concept of boutique group fitness has built incredible momentum over the last 10 years. Offering concierge level service, premium amenities, advanced technology, and proprietary fitness programming and systems, REDEMPTION has and will continue to capitalize on this momentum of the $25B+ fitness industry.

Our Story
First mover advantage

There are various boutique fitness studios available, but few offer more than one modality redemption offers multiple premium experiences all at one location; all while being able to undercut local competitors pricing due to our scalable business model.


REDEMPTION provides a completely scalable business that lets you be in control of your own destiny. leverage our national relationships, proven business model and processes, and affordable build-out costs to open your studio successfully.

Get involved in a positive & life-changing

Be excited about going to work in the morning and helping people improve their lives for themselves and their family. we sell energy, happiness, confidence, and more.

Dedicated to your success

We are dedicated to ensuring you are prepared to not just do well in your business, but THRIVE. Real Estate, Operations, Sales, Technology, Training, Construction Development & Design, and much more – We are there every step of the way.



Indoor cycling experiences, with an emphasis on the marriage between the beat of music and movement.

  • Theater-style studio with state of the art sound and curated music
  • Rhythmic cycling / party on a bike atmosphere
  • Custom lighting and sensory
  • Touch your mind, body, and soul as we take you through a JOURNEY


Cardio work on the treadmill mixed with strength training work on the floor.

  • Exclusive Woodway Group Training Treadmills
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) work-out for maximum results
  • Half your time on the treadmill to get lean
  • Other half your time on the floor creating a toned physique


Full body workout with all the kicking and punching you can handle.

  • GLOVE UP! Feel like a badass in this fun, yet inviting work-out for all levels
  • Custom mounted roller track system with hanging bags
  • Countless punches, kicks and other drills
  • HIIT hard while you punch, move and groove!


Heated bootcamp style class and reap the benefits of total body conditioning.

  • Pilates weight training
  • Shape and tone in barre
  • Kettlebell bootcamp
  • All in our infrared heated fitness room of 100+ degrees!